Hotmelt Adhesive & Wax

BOSTIK, is the world renowned name for Hotmelt Adhesive. Hotmelt has been used in various kind of application that includes, Diapers, Sanitary Pads, Book Binding, Carton / Box Sealing, Tape & Label, Straw Fixing, Courier Bags, Soap Wrapper & Bubble Gum Wrapper, Wood Working and many more.


For solvent less laminators ( Simplex, Nexus One, Nexus Evo, SL 2, SL 3 )

Available standard size 1024


For solvent less laminators ( Simplex, Super Simplex, Nexus One, Nexus Evo, SL 2, SL 3 ) – origin Italy

Doctor Blade

For Rotogravure, Flexographic Printing & Offset Coating Unit.
Used in Solvent Free, Solvent- Based and Water-Based Lamination.

German made Doctor Blades, offering High Precision, Mileage & Quick ROI. High Quality Steel also helps in reducing wear & tear of Printing Rollers / Cylinders.

Chinese made Doctor Blades is an economical solution we offer for short runs


Zip-lock pouches are growing trend in the market. It has increased the customer convenience and has been widely used to pack various products. We can offer various kind of PE & PP Zippers with various lock type and width.

Ink Dosing Pump

Ink dosing pumps are vital for any printing unit. It helps to maintain the Ink level and pigment agitation. We offer high quality single and double Ink dosing diaphragm pumps.